System with Asterisk 13.26 waiting in yum logs, Can I stop it?

I have a few systems that had system upgrades set to yes. In the yum logs I can see they grabbed Asterisk 13.26. I know I can reboot, go to Asterisk 13.26 and then go back to 13.22 but is there any way to avoid the multiple switches and just load Asterisk 13.22 instead of 13.26 in the back end?

I tried to run yum upgrade again but the yum logs show no sign of grabbing 13.22 again.

Run asterisk-version-switch and choose either 13 or 16.

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This will cause a slight disturbance yes?

Asterisk is restarted in the process, so you need a maintenance window of a few minutes.

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That’s what I thought. Thank you!

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