System voicemail settings not copied to new users when using BULK EXTENSIONS

I use specific system voice mail settings for limiting the total duration and number of a user’s voice mail (maxsecs, maxmessage, maxmsg).

When creating new extensions one by one via FreePBX GUI, then these parameters are copied to this new users. But when using BULK EXENSIONS INPUT, then they are not copied, so you have to install one-by-one, which is a big burden for deploying larger systems.

I’m using FreePBX version 5.211.65-11 with latest modules.

Are you adding the options to the correct location in the CVS? I added the following and it seemed to be imported correctly.


Thanks for quick reply :slight_smile:

I did not find these parameters in the documentation showed on the bulk extensions page. I also noticed that some parameters and/or values may differ from asterisk parameters (e.g. “disabled” in stead of “disable”).

Does a list exist with all extension and follow-me parameters and values ?