System Updates not available

A month or so ago we deployed a new freepbx distro.

I’ve had some problems with logrotate of fail2ban which grows enormously everyday (~10GB, listed in a different post which I thought was resolved but now discovering it is not) and now am experiencing issues with system update. I am getting the following “gotchya” even though I am running a freepbx distro. Precisely SNG7-FPBX-64bit-2002-2

When I go to admin -> updates -> system update I see this:

System updates not available.
System updates are Operating-system level updates. These require an Activated machine that is running a compatible Operating System Distro, such as AsteriskNow, PBXact, or FreePBX Distro.

As this machine does not meet those requirements, system updates must be manually performed by the operator, using ‘yum’, ‘apt’, or equivalent.

For a list of Operating Systems that can be automatically updated, please see the FreePBX Wiki.

Is the machine activated?


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