System Updates failure "Updates did not start. Incron error?"

This issue:

As noted in this now locked thread (PLEASE can we get more than seven days?):

Seems to be present is SysAdmin on

Have run fwconsole chown and restarted the entire system.

Hi @FreerPBXer
Did you update sysadmin RPM? If not so please
Run “yum update” on the cli to update the sysadmin rpm.

That resolved the System Update issue in the GUI, but left RestApps, UCP Daemon, and Xmpp Daemon not running.

fwconsole start xmpp
fwconsole start restapps

Started those two, but fwconsole start ucpnode wouldn’t start UCP.

I had to re-download it (fwconsole ma downloadinstall ucp) and then fwconsole start ucpnode to get it running again.

So for this install the issue seems to be resolved, and I wonder if there is still a problem somewhere with the code that caused it in the first place.

This command hasn’t done anything since FreePBX 12. You want fwconsole start ucp

Notes updated. Thank you for letting me know.

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