System Update Problems

In upgrading my system I found out the upgrade failed. The reason for the failure was that my systems Bios may have been too old. I have since upgraded my BIOS to the latest version available by Dell. However, I have attempted or I am attempting to get the system to attempt to finish the upgrade or to reinstall to SNG7. I currently have

I am attaching screen shots of different command responses. I have tried to do a yum reinstall kernel command and have been told I have no repos. in reviewing directories, I found yum.repos.d and a bunch of other repos under the yum.repos.preupgrade directory on the computer.

The main issue with attempting fwconsole or amportal commands is that I receive a php error and nothing can be executed. Hoepfully someone can assist me so I can upgrade the system now and see if I can reinstall the new freepbx.

php is not installed

ok so how do I install php or make yum reinstall kernel work? I was able to upgrade bios from 1.0.0 to 1.4.4. which supposedly hung the initial upgrade.

Thank you

The error is ‘there are no enabled repos’. I told you what to do in the ticket you opened (which I can’t find, offhand) - Put that file in, run yum update, and everything should fix itself.

Edit: Found it, but it has security enabled on it (not really sure why). But the file to put in, is there.


Thanks how do i put that file in. Do i have to hand type? What do i use command wise. Im not that adapt in linux. I dont know how to copy files etc. Getting the bios done was not simple

Thank you though


OK, here’s a one-liner to fix it:

Edit: Don’t do this:

error curl > /etc/yum.repos.d/Sangoma-Base.repo

That pastebin just contains the file. Run that, and you’ll be able to run yum update. HOWEVER. Someone has done a bunch of stuff to your machine (eg, installing ioncube, and who knows what else?) - you need to get them to come fix it properly.

Edit: I notice you’re running a 6 kernel, but your machine is meant to be running 7? You really need someone who understands linux at this point, as I have no idea what is happening on your machine.