System Update Incron Error?

Fairly new to FreePBX and new to the forum so if I posted this in the wrong area, apologies.

I’m running into an error when trying to update my system under Admin/Updates/System Updates/Check Online. Whenever I click “Check Online” I get the following error in a red banner across the top of my screen:

Updates did not start. Incron error?

I have scoured Google trying to find solutions to this issue but the questions have either gone unanswered or the solutions provided did not work in my case. Anybody have any thoughts on what could be causing this issue?

Current PBX Version:

Current System Version: 12.7.8-2203-2.sng7

for giggles try running fwconsole chown in the cli in case there is a permissions problem.

Tried that, issue persists.


Incron is the mechanism by which you’re able to run root commands from the GUI user. You can bypass incron by runnin yum update from the command line.

If the incron service has issues, a reboot will sometimes resolve it.

I have rebooted the system several times since this issue first arose. I know I can run the updates through the CLI but there’s something obviously broken if you can’t run it from the GUI.

Not trying to sound rude, but a bypass or workaround isn’t really a solution.


My system works, so it must just be you.

Not trying to be rude, but I don’t have any problems.

Tested on systems using both mirror list settings.
New setting

[[email protected] ~]$ sudo fwconsole setting MODULE_REPO
[sudo] password for jbusch: 
Setting of "MODULE_REPO" is (text)[]

Old setting

[[email protected] ~]$ sudo fwconsole setting MODULE_REPO
[sudo] password for jbusch: 
Setting of "MODULE_REPO" is (text)[,]

I am using the ClearlyIP Module Repo, do you think it has something to do with that? Figured who better to ask than someone who works there. Haha

The best route if you are using our mirror is to reach out to our support team. If there is any weirdness they may know and have a fix for… I am but a lonely developer lol.

Then why are you asking for support here?

Edit: Very much not “off topic”

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