System Time and Time Conditions bug

Pretty sure I’ve just found a bug. I don’t know for sure, but I’m also tentatively linking it to the fact that when I look at my log files, the time is always an hour behind the actual time (due to DST?).
HOWEVER, The Freepbx “server time” sometimes shown in the web GUI was showing the correct time, in this case about 20:09

Anyway I have a time condition which is set to only be active between 1800 and 1930. A caller just alerted me to the fact they couldn’t get through at 2005 (due to the time condition). I went in and checked and was initially confused as to why things weren’t working as they should.

I then noticed that within “time conditions” there is an additional timezone dropdown box you can optionally fill in. I changed this from “system time” (should have worked fine) to Europe/London and lo and behold, the caller was able to get through!


When you set the system time zone, did you reboot? That is a requirement.

Yep, it’s been rebooted a few times since.

@lgaetz Lorne, I am heading out to work, I’ve skim read but not FULLY read right to the end of this thread, but it looks to be the same issue right here:

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