System tells me there is a new Module available

Hello I get this message

"1 New modules are available
Delete thisIgnore this
The following new modules are available for download. Click delete icon on the right to remove this notice.
freepbx_ha (

Added 1 week, 1 days, 23 hours, 24 minutes ago

But under the Module admin I can’t see it it to install it.
How do I install this new Module ?

My Module updates are fine , just not sure how to get this one installed.

Thanks for any help and direction

This is a commercial module, so you would need to enable the commercial repository to see it (click the check box at the top of the page). The HA module will require that you choose the HA configuration at time of install, and requires the purchase of a license. Here is a link to some documentation:

And a Video on FreePBX HA.