System switched to Asterisk 13.26 on its own?

I had a system that was at 13.22. There was a scheduled power outage. when the system came back up it was at 13.26. Is that even possible? Or is the only option I am wrong about the system being at 13.22?

13.26 was available in the standard repo for 2ish business days back about 7-8 weeks ago. Your system did a ‘yum update’ during that window (possibly automatically), and you would see evidence of that in /var/log/yum.log. Asterisk was not restarted at that time, so it continued to run the previous version until recently when the power outage caused the system (and Asterisk) to restart.

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Thanks Lorne. Would the yum update have run only if I had Check for System Updates set to Yes?

It would only have run automatically if “Automatic System Updates” was set to “Enabled”. Obviously it can be run manually from the GUI or CLI at any time.

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