System status, PBX settings, PBX Status don't works

I’ve a strange problem.
On my installation of Trixbox from about one day FreePBX stop to works!
In fact, is impossible to view System status, PBX Settings and PBX Status even if other module of the TB Console as Package Manager, System Info, System Maint, and so on, works correctly and all the asterisk system works right.
Simply when I attemp to view System Status and other PBX settings my browser (Firefox or I.E infifferently) try to show he settings but nothing is showed up.
This is not my first Trixbox/FreePBX installation and I have many installation working perfectly but this is the first time that this, strange beaviuour, appear.
Any idea?
Thanks in advance.
Ing. Cosimo MERCURO
Mercuro for Business

I am sorry, but as you have installed trixbox 2.8 you have a FreePBX version that Fonality “forked”.

I suggest that you scrap the trixbox installation and install a distro such as PBX in a Flash, Fonicaprojects or AsteriskNOW if you want to have the real FreePBX, a FreePBX that actually work.

If you decide to keep trixbox I suggest that you ask in the trixbox forums for help.