System setup

Dear Community!

I’d like to ask for a help as a completely beginer with FreePBX. I want to setup a system for hobby, only for home usage.
The situation: I got the credentials from my ISPs ONT for the SIP server
If I connect to my bridged network via VPN and connect to the SIP with a PC client(like Zoiper ), the ONTs client got dropped and doesnt connect back in like 10-30min. Because of that, i thought I should setup a server as a gateway.

I would like to add like 2 “internal phone number”,
If I got a call from outside, it forward to both of the internal number.
If I want to make a call to outside, it forward to the ISPs SIP.
If an another call is in progress, i can make a custom playback, that there is a call in progress.

1st Client: Zoiper
2nd Client: smthg like Linksys Spa-1001

Please help me with some tutorials, experience, opinions so i can setup the system following my idea :smiley:

Thanks, Daniel

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