System seemingly in some kind of loop

Hi All

I have run into a weird situation on two occasions now when I have made some changes to FreePBX config, editing extensions or just updating a user, after applying the config (with no pre editing pending apply needed) I land up in a situation where there appears to be a loop or other issue causing an ever increasing number of active calls with none ever ending which ultimately ends in the system hanging and having to reboot after which everything goes back to normal. These issues don’t happen every time a “apply config” is run so I am at a loss at what would be causing this.
Is there any advise to where I should be looking? I don’t see anything in the logs that’s obvious but I am a novice here and don’t strictly know the system as well as I should.

Any help would be much appreciated.Untitled

doing a ‘core show channels’ in the Asterisk CLI would probably be a good start

Settings, Asterisk SIP Settings, chan_pjsip, do you have Allow Transports Reload enabled?

Hi Lorne, no its disabled.
Thanks for the reply

It happened again this morning without any changes or applying config.
It looks like there are a number of calls that never terminate and it builds from there, im monitoring now to see if its isolated to a specific extension or queue.
The last changes and config apply was done 11 hours ago after an modules update.

Thanks Nate, this command will be useful! Ill monitor today and see how things go. I didnt get a chance to run the command when the system hung up again this morning but ill keep an eye on it and see if i can catch it before it hangs.

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