System Requirements

I am trying to install on a 32 GB SSD and I am having all kinds of problems. Is this not enough space? If not let me know what the minimum requirement is or if there is any way to work around this. I am trying another reinstall and will report back the error message.

The error I get is input/output error on /dev/sda

My install is taking less then 2gb. Likely a system compatibility problem. Perhaps look to centos forums for general install errors and boot options.

Wow, and we thought that we were just so unlucky to have two bad 32GB ssd drives in a row!
But after our 3rd system giving the same error as you post here, I don’t think it can be a coincindence any more.
It seems that the FreePBX distro is not happy with (some types of?) 32GB SSD, or even kills them…
Are you using Corsair by any chance?
We are now going to try with an Intel 40GB ssd.

I replaced my Patriot 32 GB drive with a 64 GB Kingston drive and it fixed my problem. If you have a Patriot 32 GB drive I think they shipped a lot of bad drives out. I talked to one of our distributors and they sent back over 1000 this past month to Patriot.