System Recordings Will Not Play

In the System Recordings module, I cannot playback any of my recordings. When I click the blue icon in any web browser, a small window pops up, the quicktime logo is displayed briefly, then nothing happens. However, the recordings play fine in the phone system.

I also cannot play any built-in recordings. When I try to play a recording, I receive the following error in the pickup window:

No compatible wav, mp3 or gsm format found to play:


I found bug ticket already open, so I commented on it.

I have just began sftp’ing to the box and downloading the messages to verify. Or I lay the test recordings on an announcement and pioint an unused inbound route to it so I can listen.

Can anyone else recreate the issue?

Sorry, I mixed up System Recordings with Recordings in ARI.
I can confirm that it is not working, a bug is filed #5153


Please provide the version of FreePBX and web browsers that you are using.


Can one of the developers confirm this issue? Thanks.

I can confirm that it is working on my installs.

You have not provided the version of FreePBX or the Internet Explorer version

We are not magicians nor mind readers.

I am using FreePBX with all of the latest modules.

The issue occurs in Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox 3.6.17.

You wrote[quote]No compatible wav, mp3 or gsm format found to play:
That means that there are no .wav, .mp3 or .gsm files.
In what format have you recorded the files?

I am not sure. If I try to play the “agent-login” built-in recording, I get the “No compatible wav, mp3 or gsm format found to play: agent-login” error in the popup window.

If I try to play a recording that I recorded using the *77 feature, nothing appears in the pop-up window except for a greyed-out Quicktime icon.

Hope it’s useful.

This issue has been resolved with the latest System Admin module.