System Recordings - rebooting Sangoma phones


When I attempt to have System Recordings dial one of my two test phones, ext. 116 or ext. 137, it gives me the “Hangup when finished” but never calls the extension. These are both Sangoma S505 phones and they reboot after I hit the call button. Both extensions are set up using default PJSIP / all default template and SIP settings. Any ideas how I can get this working? I can call between the phones without issue and can dial in and out of a SIPSTATION test trunk.

Is there another way besides uploading recordings to do do recordings for IVRs?



This is a brand new install. Everything is all up to date, etc.

FreePBX info:
PBX Version:
PBX Distro:12.7.8-2011-5.sng7
Asterisk Version:16.13.0

The phones are on the same subnet as the PBX and the only interface on the PBX is set in the local zone. What could be going wrong here? Should I try a different firmware? Are the Sangoma phones not compatible? I’ll try putting a ticket in with them.

^^ This. Support ticket of type Phone Support Service Request

I just experienced the same issue. I submitted a ticket as well. TY

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