System Recordings Problem Uploading

Hi, i recorded a some audio files.
i have the audio files in MP3 and Wav format.

When i tray to upload any fil audio i get this error.

Undefined index: playback


New to FreePBX and having the exact same problem. I’ve gone into the /etc/php.ini file and edited the allowable upload file size to be 156M, but still have the problem.

Any ideas or solutions?

Since we got no traction on it over a year ago, I suspect you’ll need to submit a ticket. It’s the first I’ve seen of it since the last message.

Ticket was submitted, but we were unable to reproduce:

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Had this same issue recently. I know this is super old but might still help someone else.

Turns out I had a + character in the filename and that wasn’t allowed :sweat_smile:, so i’d suggest checking filenames that you’re trying to upload and remove any ‘special’ characters.