System Recordings not working

When recording system recordings it saves them in an unusable format, When I look at what it saved the codec info from VLC shows MPEG AAC Audio (mp4a) at 11kb/s. It also gives me an error when trying to play anything back from the panel…even verified .wav files. give me the extension error (can not find) it does this in the top three browsers. This is FreePBX 12.0.54 (up to date as of today).

The format recordings are saved in is set in Advanced Settings. You can pick whatever format there.

However, no matter what, it’s not saving it as mp4a.

I am not seeing anything in advanced settings pertaining to the audio format. The mp4a is just what VLC is seeing it as, it may actually be raw data that is not compressed in any way… whatever it is…it is what is being saved when I name it and save if from the System Recordings menu.

Never mind I did see the entry and it is set on wav. I have tried changing it and it does not appear to make any difference it still say it’s saving in wav format although it is not.

Yes, it is. Make sure you read the help text about the difference between wav and WAV, too.

After messing with this for a bit, it appears that it is recording in .wav format and they are usable. If I copy them directly from the server with scp and play them they are fine and I can use them on the system. If I try to play any of them directly from the system recordings module it refuses but asks about saving them, if I do save locally they are munged up and unplayable. It appears the copy process screws things up. This is in some ways new, there was an update yesterday or so that effected that (not sure what it was) but prior to that I had different errors in the system recordings area. Another baffler is that I can see and use the recordings in other areas but no recordings show up in Announcements, the pull down box is not populated at all and is one/two characters wide with nothing in it… IDK if this is another problem or related to the first.

I did an entire new install on a different system and the announcements deal does the same thing, does not see the system recordings.

I did another topic, this probably a separate issue.