System recordings not working?


I am a noob to Asterisk and am stuck when trying to add a new recording via my handset. I always get an error message “Unable to add /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/custom/xyz.wav - Can not read file!”

Looking around it appears that other people have run into this problem, but I haven’t seen any fixes for it.

What I have:
Trixbox 2.2 (It also happens with Trixbox 2.0)
freePBX 2.2.1
Recordings 3.3.3
IVR 2.5.15

I am using the handset to record (ie dialing *77).
I can check the playback using *99 no problems.

But when I click on ‘Save’, the above message appears.

Considering that I am a complete noob at this thing (All I have really done is insert the Trixbox disc at let it install itself), I am not sure why this problem is occuring.

Any ideas?

hello, I was just wondering if anyone has found a solution to this problem yet?

or has any ideas about how I could solve it?

should I revert to using an older version of freebpx as a temporary fix?

thank you for your input.

~ Nemus

This is very strange. Another forum suggested using a different phone as it might have something to do with the codec.

Using an X-Lite softphone it works…and yet using a TDM400P it doesn’t.

well the patch I applied fixed an issue where either the tmp file was just not getting saved correctly or otherwise not copied over properly.

You should check on some forums to see if others are having issues and what might be going on and report back. Those changes seemed to make it work fine on my system.

Make sure you are not setting any paramters in your asterisk.conf file that might change where the temporary sound files are stored.

I have applied 3.3.4 to my system (and rebooted for good measure).

I am still getting the same error message.

Some more information that may (or may not) be helpful:

  • I can see /tmp/-ivrrecording.wav (ownership is asterisk/asterisk 644)
  • /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/custom/ exists (ownership is asterisk/asterisk 775)

I just backported a fix I applied to 2.3 that had this same issue. It should be on the mirror wihtin 10 minutes. Please update to 3.3.4 and try it out and let me know if that fixes it or otherwise what the behavior is. Please make sure to report back with status.