System recordings file order per language

We have announcements in english and german. The extension’s language is defined either english or german. We aren’t alway sure if all phone users speaks german. That’s why I want to play for german extension the announcement order “german - english” and for english extension “english - german”.

I tried to upload for english first the english file and second the german file. For german I want to upload first german then english. This isn’t possible. FreePBX GUI doesn’t accept different file order per language.

Then I tried to load for english two files name “xxx-en-en.wav” and xxx-en-de.wav" and for german “xxx-de-de.wav” and “xxx-de-en.wav”. Two files are always red in one language. Also in folder “sounds//custom” are the two corresponding files. But IVR announcement play all four files in each language. It seems that language isn’t really separated.

It works only if I concatenate the two annoucements en/de in one file and upload it set to english. Afterwards I concatenate de/en in SAME filename and upload it set to english. This isn’t obvious and elegant. Could you check this procedure and accept different orders of file per language.

Thank you very much.

The files are sorted by language or any other method outside of the order you put them in to merge and make a single recording.

You want to say something in German first followed by the same thing in English you either have to make two recordings and merge them like you tried in the GUI or you make a single recording in the order you want.

The files in up in en/custom because the default language of the PBX is set to English still. All the custom files will be put in that directory regardless of the language used in the recording because the system doesn’t care about the recording content or actually the recording name.