System Recordings delete button by recording does not delete file

Does anyone know the reason why when you click the trashcan icon next to the recording it does not delete the file? Why is this delete button even there anyway if it does not delete the file, the delete button for the category does not delete it either, but it says it doesn’t. Is this a bug or a feature? In IE when trash can icon is pressed nothing happens in firefox the filename disapears but file remains on server. Im using freepbx 2.4, IE 7 and firefox 3

it only deletes the reference. Since the recording interface can use both files you upload and system files, we do not want it deleting the real file on the server and then bugs or user error starts accidentally deleting system files. So in all cases it just deletes the reference.

It’s also a bigger issue on 2.4 because most modules reference the filename and not the id, so you could delete a file being used by another module and then it would be broken where as now, the other module will still play the file that did not get deleted. In 2.5 this has been fixed so that all modules reference the sound file id, such that if you change recording in the recording interface, they will reference the new recording. It also lists all the places that are using a recoding and does not let you delete a reference to that recording if another module is using it.

In managing my IVR messages, I simply wanted to replace our announcer with a new voice reading the same scripts. I’ve been largely successful, but I’ve encountered a problem with two identically named recording files uploaded. I cannot delete the old one, only this old one plays back, and I can’t delete it. Now I know the obvious workaround would be to modify the new file’s name so that it is unique, but why must this be? You’ve outlined why module dependencies make file deletion dangerous, but what about file replacement? Seems natural many IVR messages need to remain in place, albeit with modifications in the announce script. (I.E. - “updates.wav” would be changed to reflect changes in office hours, news about new product releases, etc.) Having to rename the file to something new means having to go through additional steps to update the IVR file usage manually and bloating the server with old unused .wav files - a waste of time IMHO. Actually, the more I think about it, what would be the problem with FreePBX reporting the dependencies and alerting the user if they are about to do something problematic?