System Recording


I believe I’ve found a bug in System Recordings in FreePBX.
When we create a new recording we’ve have to select a in file inside the sounds root directory, or inside the language directory.

Since I’m implementing FreePBX to route my call center calls, I need to have sounds in two languages (pt-PT and en). In this situation, if I want to associate the recording to the queue the sound will always be played in language selected in the recording.

For instance, I created a recording called sd_welcome, and selected the file pt-PT\sd_welcome.wav.
If I set the language to English (en) the sound will be always played in Portuguese (pt-PT).

It hould be useful, that in system recordings we could edit the file field.

I’ve found an workaround that was to touch the file in the root sounds directory, so I can select the file in systems recording. With this I can select the file without specifiyng the language directory, and the sound is correctly played.