System Recording Playback Failing

Ok A little Info…

This is ahppening on 3 different phone boxes I have setup…

This happens on 3 different computers, my desktop, my laptop and a friends laptop that has never been connected to my lan before.

We all have Quicktime installed, and that is what is being used as the default player.

If you access the system recordings directory direct via a samba share and just double click, QT comes up and plays the file.

In system recordings - you click the graphic link to playback a recorded file (all recorded via *77 from a extension phone) and its garbled, miss pitched etc

Sounds like Hal 9000 being restarted in the show

but now

goto the recordings > call monitor page

and any call from the list, plays correctly using quicktime as well…

So - it does not look like its a browser/quicktime issue

what do we need to look for - I see over on the PBXIAF forms - others are having this same problem with no solution so far…


nobody has a idea what is going on?


the only thing that comes to mind is what we might be putting in the html meta-data or the type field that may be confusing the media player?

You could have a look in firebug (available with Firefox) and from there see if you can change the tag fields and if that makes a difference. I can’t really think of anything else that may do this.

ok, will take a look at firebug


ok, upon the popup to play the recording I got:

Warning: Use of getBoxObjectFor() is deprecated. Try to use element.getBoundingClientRect() if possible.

Source File: http://pbx-rena/admin/config.php?display=recordings&action=popup&recordingpath=BEh7hO%2BVKWV%2BAHs9QTn3WRIhFdYYaQJOQp0AYAz1dfv1GehPJpvkK6%2FYeP7waUhu&recording=custom%2Fattractions

no clue on whats going on with the recording path…

what ever that error is from, it’s not going to have anything to do with the issue you are having. That I am pretty sure.

Question is if there is any meta data like ‘type=’ field that is confusing the player that is playing it back?