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I have updated my Distro(stock freepbx setup) and then rebooted the server. What should be done to start all the dependencies such as asterisk / httpd/ and etc etc.

I mean its common that after reboot system environment needs to start all the modules/app/servers and etc. So what should be done or what command to type after I rebooted the freepbx server. Please let me know, Thanks!

Because I see that asterisk is not active, dahdi is not active so maybe various other system app is dead/inactive but I do not have the list and i cannot start them individually as its a daunting thing. There must be a script or command to start all those things right?

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Start over, because you have done something wrong.

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can you please be more specific?

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Specifically, all services will be up and running on boot with a successful install. There is literally no required service that needs a manual start.

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So all the dependencies and server applications will start on their own?

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If this is true, yes.

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if not? fwconsole?

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Is this a new install? Start over.

Existing install? fwconsole restart from the root user or with sudo. Watch for failures.

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