System Memory

FreePBX/Asterisk 14 SNG7

I have a server with 32GB of memory and every time I reset it I see most of the memory (~80%) free up. From the point of the reset over the next couple of days the memory usage will eventually max out and the swap will move to 1. Then it will just stay like that. No call complaints.

It doesn’t matter how many calls are processing, it never goes back down until I reboot. Is this expected behavior? Do we have a problem?


RAM in Linux is a confusing situation for many people. Linux will eventually always take up all of the RAM but it’s not really “in use”. It’s more in a holding pattern. It will then shift this RAM around to various programs as needed.

A good site to read more about this is here:



On the graph, what does “In Use” equate to?

Actually looking over a few dev systems it appears you have a memory leak as none of our systems have this high of an “In Use” with the cache being so low.

Two other interesting points are, after the memory maxes out on the graph, the swap moves up to one and stays there. It never goes up or down, just stays at 1 until I reset.

When I ssh in and run free -m
~]# free -m
total used free shared buff/cache available
Mem: 31882 1302 199 307 30380 29765
Swap: 16063 16 16047

Seems fine, right? do you think it may be something with the graph?

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