System is down and endpoints are not shown

You will need to provide more information.

What type of endpoints, are the endpoints and the PBX on the same LAN, what do you see in the logs, did you check intrusion detection? Etc etc etc

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As you can get to the console, looks like the system is up. So assuming you mean that your devices are not registered to the PBX? Have they ever been registered to the PBX or is this a first time?

i defined 4 pjsip endpoints
2 from GUI and 2 through custom files.
all 4 endpoints registered before and i even made a call through a custom dialplan.
suddenly all of the endpoints can not register and they are even not showing when i type pjsip endpoints(they used to be there before), it is not a problem of not registering it is a problem of not even existing.

it looks like suddenly all of is defined endpoints are not there, although they still exist in the files and in the Application —> Extension web page!
but if type pjsip show endpoints it says no objects found

the problem is that i identified two endpoints with same names be mistake from custom files and from GUI.
so the pjsip module was not being reloaded.
it lead to this problem.
sorry guys
thanks for the help

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