System Get Slow After Not Being Used For Few Hours


After few hours of not being used, our system get slow, slow when its time to place a call (internal and/or external) and also when a caller call in it could take up to 5 seconds before it ringing. But, when placing a second call right after the first one, it get connected instantly. It is normal or not?

Our system seem to be up-to-date.




I still need help with this.


I am completely new in the topic FreePBX.
Yesterday someone suggested the Tool sngrep to me here in the Forum. Wireshark killed me with information, but the Tool sngrep makes the whole thing very clear for me.

Do you see anything in the Asterisk Console while the delay is happening?


I’ve double the VM’s RAM, passed from 1024MB to 2048MB and it seem to fixed now. I will continue to monitor to see if the issue is gone. I will be post back here in couples days. :crossed_fingers:

'Night everyone!

The issue seem to be gone permanently now.

Cheers! :champagne:


If the problem is a resource leak, then it’s not. Eventually, you will run out of resources. If, on the other hand, the VM was undersized for your installation, then your assessment is correct.

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