System freezes when internet connectivity drops?

We’re running a v13 Distro (patched to 10.13.66-22). We have POTS and VOIP trunks. If our internet connectivity drops, all telephone connectivity halts and our SIP peers (connected via LAN) also drop. SSH freezes at login and the web GUI also stalls until internet connectivity is restored.

Is it expected behavior that LAN phones drop when only WAN connectivity drops?

not normal behavior.

There is a known issue with chansip freezing when not being able to perform a DNS lookup due e.g. to your internet being down.
Maybe you are seeing that.

Are you using chansip and are you registering your trunks to a FQDN?

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Make sure you have dnsmasq installed and running, then make sure is the first nameserver in /etc/resolv.conf

It is, because of the Chan-SIP lockup on DNS.

Looks like that’s the issue - and it looks like it’s now a “feature” since it’s expected to be permanent.

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