System Firewall Service not Running

I have a Freepbx15 system that I’ve just restored using a version 13 backup. Everything seems to have gone smoothly except one thing, the firewall service is now showing as not running.

I’ve checked responsive firewall & failtoban on the gui and they are running fine. I also ensured ip tables was running which it is. Any idea why its showing this error and whether the firewall is actually running?

log in to the terminal and enter this.

fwconsole firewall start

Then refresh the GUI dashboard. Does that make it show active?

Yes this got it working but why isnt it starting with everything else when we reboot the machine?

Great question. So now it comes to troubleshooting.

Reboot again this evening and see if it does the same thing.

Look at the logs and see if there is anything hinting at the issue.

Looks like the problem was a known bug. I’ve updated my Firewall module as the fix was released yesterday and all looks good on a reboot now

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