System Firewall Grief

Long story short, attempting to move my in-house FreePBX system to a Linux VM. Did a manual install of FreePBX on the VM and it worked fine. I’m pretty sure that before I restored my configuration the firewall WAS working normally

When I reboot the system the firewall fails to start, and I get a message on the dashboard saying as much.

If I SSH in and manually start the firewall, it works fine, starts right up.

Here’s what I get in the /tmp/firewall.log on a reboot.

Unable to connect to Database, sleeping 2 seconds and retrying. (1)

Any ideas?

the Dashboard message only refers to the integrated system firewall. Did you enable the system firewall in the GUI?

IF you are using the FreePBX integrated system firewall
maybe try fwconsole firewall stop and then fwconsole firewall start

Yes I have the integrated system firewall enabled. If I start it manually it works fine, it’s just not starting properly after a reboot and leaves the system unprotected.

Disregard. Gave up on this host, moving to Vultr for full ISO install