System does not release peers (Soft phone) when they leave network

PBX version

Customer is using th Bria and ClearlyIP Anywhere apps on their cell phones. The MAX Contacts is set to 8. Often the MAX Contact for a particular peer is at max and the app won’t connect to the system anymore. resetting the cell phone has no affect. Changing the MAX Contact to 1 will drop the “Unavailable” peers but the peer numbers start to rise again. Isn’t there a timer that automatically drops the peer if unavailable for a set time?

I think you want this:

or you could use one of the remove options, a little further down. Sorry, but I don’t know if and how this translates to the GUI. You could also set a short registration time on the phones.

The Max Expiration is set to 7200 so I don’t think that is the answer, but I do like the looks of the Remove_existing tho. Now to find it in the GUI


I was suggesting drastically reducing the max expiration.

I see, We can try that

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