System Dashboard installation

I got all exited only to have my hopes dashed… Get it? Anyway, there was an issue with the install

Errors with selection

* System Dashboard cannot be installed
      o FreePBX version 2.3.0beta2 or higher is required, you have 2.3.0beta2
  Please correct this error first.

I’ll look through the bug list and add it, if not there already.

Bingo! I just mentioned this in the other thread I posted as a side note. :slight_smile:

The core won’t upgrade. And the dashboard won’t come down unless the core is upgraded. I was tempted to mess with the tar file online, but I knew it would cause more issues for me… …especially if I ventured into that without instructions

guys - it’s not a bug - it’s telling you you can’t install it because you don’t have something else. The fact that the dependency is not available yet is good reason for frustration - however, it’s not a bug…

I just upated all the modules and installed the dashboard.

Once installed, it seems to appear as the home page in the /admin directory with no way of getting to the ‘standard’ FreePBX setup & tools pages etc?

I had to find the module admin link from my browser history and disable it to restore normal access.

the dashboard ‘module’ is the home index page and isn’t suppose to be able to be disabled (at this point). We forgot to set it so it can’t be removed. It simply loads in as a module, which will facilitate the potential to have alternative ‘home’ pages on the system in the future.

Not, a bug. Hey, it was early D

Fair enough, but how do you get to the ‘normal’ configuration pages from there?

what ‘normal’ configuration pages - you should have access to everything unless something is broken - the left nav bar should still be there.

That’s what my problem was - no nav bar, no header tabs, no way at all to got to the normal pages…