System Crash. Sangoma? Memory?


I have Asterisk 11.14.1 running on one of my machine with FreePBX, a
fresh install with Sangoma card. However whilst setting up i.e during
the process of Sangoma card detection, I faced a problem where this
machine crashed and attached snap shot is what was on screen.

However, I restarted the machine and then put it to use, the problem now is
every time this same error pops up randomly. Machine is running smooth
and fine, but all of sudden it just crashes and comes to this screen.

I suspect its something hardware related, maybe a RAM? Can someone pls confirm that to me.


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I would think more info is needed

What model and version of Sangoma card?



Hi Dale,

Its a A200/Remora FXO/FXS Analog AFT card. But surprisingly it hasn’t crashed since 2 days. I have a feeling its the memory.


Ok, is this a brand new card on a used one?



Sorry for a delayed reply. The card is brand new. I pulled the card out of the machine and pulled out the modules and reinserted the modules and the card in the system and it didn’t crash for about 4-5 days. I didn’t touch it till then, I was then confident that the issue was resolved so I was on its webserver with a WINSCP session and was working on some php pages that I host, and it suddenly crashed again. I haven’t touched it since then, its been 3 days now that the machine has been working fine.

It just seems to crash randomly when I am working on it. Very strange.

OK, is this card PCI-E or PCI-X, if its new I would try Sangoma support.

There is a firmware upgrade that fixes a memory leak crash on PCI-X cards



I Dale, its a PCI-E card. I am unsure of the fault now. Letting it be the way it is for now. Will test this card on a different machine with a fresh install later sometime.

Thanks for your help. Much appreciated.

Maybe you should run a memtest as well ?

check the /var/log/wanpipe file for the details.