System Configuration Settings


I notice that in FreePBX 2.4 there are a lot of SIP_.conf and IAX_.conf files.
Where in the GUI do I set things like allowed codecs and the selection order?
IAX, SIP and RTP binding port allocation?
If I have to hand edit .conf files that’s OK… but which one?


i hope you get an answer because there does not seem to be an easy way to fix the fact that the default bind address cannot be overridden since it gets generated by the GUI every time as the default in *_general_additional.conf — hand editing undoubtedly possible but that will mean, I think, not using the GUI from what I can see.

The code that generates the iax_general_additional.conf and sip_general_additional.conf has all the information that is put into these files HARD CODED. The only work around right now is to hand edit this generator code to fit your needs. Ugly but it works for me.

go to /var/www/html/admin/modules/core/

Just search for and you will find the sections of the code that generate the above two files. I would hope this is on the freePBX urgent fix list.

; do not edit this file, this is an auto-generated file by freepbx
; all modifications must be done from the web gui

So these comments in the file are not actually correct? While it is auto-generated there is nowhere in the web gui to change them? When all these new files appeared I was expecting to find something in General Setting.
Will they be overridden by any settings I put in *_general_custom.conf.

Are there any plans to add these configuration items to the gui?

i have put in a ticket to get this fixed because that is exactly what i was expecting as well and i NEED to change the bind address. another user had a better workaround: just edit the X_generated_additional.conf files as needed by hand and then change them to read -only so they do not get over written by the GUI.

and to answer your question, first in sequence wins so if you make changes to the bind address in any x_custom.conf file, you are wasting time [I tried it just to be sure] because they are all included AFTER the x_general_additional.conf files.

yes, a fix is needed.