System backups


I am trying to backup my FreePBX system on a schedule to a Windows share, the share has been created and allowed for everyone access. I have created a New Local Server pointing to the windows share and set the backup to save to this directory. However, when I run the backup it “completes successfully” but gives me a no such file or directory.
The local server is configured as \machinename\backupstore but the backup process is stripping out the “” between machine name name and path, what have I done wrong?>


Seems to me as though you would need SAMBA on the FreePBX machine to allow it to connect to a Windows share. You just can’t use UNC to a Windows share.

The options available to send a backup to a remote machine are:

Local File
and SSH

Your best bet is FTP. Generally simple to set up an FTP server on a Windows box.