System Admin Upgrades


I have noticed that whenever a version update is performed via the System Admin Updates scripts, it re-installs all of the commercial modules that I have explicitly removed due to not using them. ie Zulu, Bria, etc.

Is there a reason for this and is there a way to have the script honor what modules I have installed and not reinstall modules I dont need/use?

Diabale the module instead of uninstalling and it won’t re-enable them on upgrade.

That is a work around for short term. Unacceptable for long term. Thanks.

Thanks for the updates.

I will start disabling modules instead, but I do think it would be prudent to also honor any modules that are uninstall/removed as well.

Read the link above to the issue.

Sorry to bump this, but even on the latest version I am still seeing this behavior.

I want to say that Andrew was going to make changes to honor removed modules as requested and noted here: but this link is no longer working and my memory is failing me as to what the resolution was to this issue.

Issue shows that it’s target release is 14, does that mean FreePBX 14?

thanks for your time.

This code was never merged and it appears at this time that the code has been lost in a blackhole.

I can not state if it will be in 14 or not.

The resolution is ‘Open’ and ‘Unresolved’