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Hi Wonder if anybody can help. I have two freepbx systems on a hosted platform they are both Asterisk version 13.17.2 FreePBX
One is just for testing etc and does not have the commercial Sys Admin module this has upgraded to with no problems whatsoever. The other system, which is in use, and has the commercial Sys Admin, fails and disables Sys Admin when i try to upgrade to
If there is not an easy fix how do i roll back the upgrade and enable Sys Admin again?

From the bash prompt, try upgrading with:

fwconsole ma upgrade sysadmin

share any error you see here.

Hi Lorne
Thank you for your reply, please see attached screenshot.

This is a bit above my knowledege but re-reading the error on the screenshot i just posted i have just used filezilla to look at the file structure of both pabx’s. I don’t know how this happened, as one was a clone of the other, but the non-commercial one has a folder in the /etc/ called sangoma but it is just a “shortcut” to /etc/schmooze. Whereas the commercial one does not, i am not sure how to create a folder that is just a shortcut but will do some googling, unless somebody has a quick answer.

Hi Lorne
Sorted it - but would not have without you pointing me in the right direction. Used
ln -s /etc/schmooze /etc/sangoma at the bash and it created same directory as on other. then tried upgrade again. Voila.

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