System Admin: Updates inconsistent across installations


We just had a warning from freepbxhosting provider to upgrade to the latest versions.

I run 2 commercial pbxs and 2 that have no commercial support.

On the two that are commercial (hosted) under System Admin->Updates

ONE has Current version and an upgrade available to 4.211.64-100

The other one has current version 4.211.64-8 and only one upgrade possibility to 4.211.64-9 (deployment ID 8033536128)

Whats up with this? Should they not be the same?

Look at your screenshots again. Number 2 is on 5.211.65-8 and their is a upgrade to 5.211.65-9 which is correct.

Number 1 is on a 4.211.64-10. It will install the 4.211.64-100 then that will allow you to upgrade through the 5.211.65 track to 5.211.65-9

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