System Admin update, not updating

In the update section (image uploading is broken), I got:

Current Version 4.211.64-9

Your server can now be updated.
This will upgrade your machine to version 4.211.64-100
This will upgrade your machine to version 4.211.64-10

I choose either of these to update and all I get is this popup:

Update Log

No update currently running. You may close this window.

Ideas on this problem?

Update: I manually started the next update: 4.211.64-10

Looking in the directory , 4.211.64-100 does not even exist.
I went ahead and clicked on Update Now button, but it is not updating, and will not go away. Even after a reboot.

Now what?

Have a look here:

-10 will be an update to 4.211.64-9
-100 is actually the script to update to 4.211.64-10 to 5.211.65 (name has changed but can be downloaded from the link above)

Thanks for those details. Looking at the folders hold the scripts, there is a conversion script when upgrading to major versions. I don’t see one for 6.12.xx to 10.13.xx. Is that going to be a problem?

I’m not sure about those folders but I’m guessing they are for the System Admin module to look at. The major release upgrade scripts need to be run manually and are not automatically executed by System Admin. There is one for 6.12.xx upgrade to 10.13.xx here: (if you scroll down a bit). You need to run each one and can’t skip any.