System Admin Pro Updates Problem

I purchased Sysadmin pro for my primary and secondary server a few weeks ago primarily to help with easy updating

I have just gone to roll out some recent updates to cover the OpenSSL bug as I use VPN

Both servers have 5.211.65-9

I started with the backup server and it said there was 2 updates available. So I clicked on 5.211.65-11 as it supposedly works it way through automatically

It sat for roughly 35 minutes and when I refreshed the page I was upto 5.211.65-10 with Update in Progress against 5.211.65-11

It’s now 2 hrs later and it’s stuck updating to 5.211.65-11. I can’t see how to get it to retry, reset or what else to do.

On the primary when I goto Updates it’s 5.211.65-9 but says there are no updates available. I set the cron and ran that command manually and get this as the output:


What’s going on?