System Admin Pro does not show 'Upgrades' option

We have two systems (live and test) that we have purchased System Admin Pro for. On our test system (5.211.65-4, all modules up to date) the ‘Upgrades’ option does not show up on the right side of the browser window. Our live system (5.211.65-6, modules one week out of date) the ‘Upgrades’ option shows up and has been used obviously.

I know that I can submit a trouble ticket, but was hoping that maybe someone here would know how to reload or get SysAdPro to start showing the ‘upgrades’ option without me having to bother support.

Thanks for any help.

I am sorry. The deployment type can only be set when you create it I forgot you can not change that. yes the upgrade button is only displayed if its a FreePBX Distro system and we determine that by what you pick when you create the deployment with us as the upgrade option only works on FreePBX Distro system.

Open a sales ticket in our portal with the deployment ID’s and we can change that type for you.

I don’t see a deployment type in the schmooze portal. Just deploy name. Also, its just the ‘Upgrades’ option that doesn’t show, all of the others features that are added by Sys Adm Pro show up.

That option only shows up if you setup the deployment as a FreePBX Distro for the system type. You can go into the portal and under deployment type change it then from sysadmin have it update the license file.