System Admin -> Port Management: Unable to change IP address (Security issue)

Hello. Under port management there are only options for PORTS to listen on. If you have multiple Ethernet cards, and want for the Admin panel to listen on a LAN IP address instead of a public address.

This seems to be a security issue. Via IP table this would already be blocked off by default, but instead Sangoma Firewall seems to be leaving everything wide open.

What can be done about this?


As well, we would like to have an /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf file with this statement


We do not want the FPBX Distro Admin Panel “open” to the web facing interfaces.

When we make our changes in /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf, any change or update from the “system admin” module will then overwrite our earlier entry.

Thanks for showing us how to “limit” the admin panel to only the “loopback IP” address.

I am guessing by the lack of response, this will have to go into the issue section as a BUG, or IMPROVEMENT.

Port Management is just for managing ports has nothing to do with IP addresses.

If you want to block access to apache port use the firewall for that. Setup the firewall and do not open access on those ports to the outside world. The firewall works beautiful for this exact reason.

Thank you kindly. I will study this.