System admin network interface management broken


Just upgraded to 14. I don’t think this is actually relevant though as I have tested this on a fresh 14 install and I have the same issue.

Tested a network change by adding a child interface through the system admin I am now unable to delete this interface or change its settings.

When I click delete I get the popup but the interface name is missing in the text, clicking the confirmation button I get a banner at the top that reads:

No int?

Analysing the javascript it looks like there is no ‘DEVICE’ entry in the data being loaded.

Also when I try to change configuration on said interface and I click ‘Save Interface’ the text says “saving changes to undefined…” instead of the interface name.



EDIT: the name presented in the dropdown box is postfixed with a \ (“eth1:test”)
EDIT EDIT: looking in the firewall ‘interface’ page it shows two interfaces one with, and one without the ''
EDIT EDIT EDIT: I have managed to remove the interface by running “ifconfig eth1:test down”. However this does not change the fact that the GUI is broken.

Have you submitted an “Issues” ticket yet? [Ticket exists - mod]

While the Sangoma guys are really good about spotting stuff here, they don’t always have time to do the ticket submission, especially if they can’t reproduce the steps you took to cause, and then solve, the problem.

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