System Admin moved from Admin Menu to Settings Menu!

After a full FreePBX Distro upgrade to
System Admin moved to Settings Menu, and not works any more
"404 Not found (modules/freepbx_ha/page.sysadmin.php)"
If I remove sysadmin with yum remove sysadmin, HTTPD crash and can’t get FreePbx GUI Access
I don’t want repeat any uninstall module, because I did twice with the same result, and know I have bad feelings about this.
The rest works fine

Sysadmin has not moved so not sure what you are explaining here but I am not following this.

Yes, literally moved, now System Admin is in Settings Menu of FreePBX GUI, when I try to open it, this error: "404 Not found (modules/freepbx_ha/page.sysadmin.php"
Before was in Admin Menu.

I am not seeing this on my systems. Its under admin like it should be.


I have this problem also afther i did a update in the module admin. Sysadmin moved to the Settings menu and not work.

I see also this error “404 Not found (modules/freepbx_ha/page.sysadmin.php)”

I install the sysadmin and reinstall it and afther that the GIU dosent work…

I did twice before, I don’t want repeat it with my 3rd system, I read in other treats, “the HTTPD don’t listen any more the port 80”, and the httpd.conf must be edited.

Seems the issue is not with the Distro but with the FreePBX HA module having a typo. Please go into module admin and update your modules and it should be resolved.


I used always the Distro i canot accses the module admin. The hole page is broker


I had all modules updated, I did uninstall HA Services, and System Admin return to Admin Menu and works great

Thank you Tony

got it, had to uninstall the “high Availability” module, reload, re-install “System Admin” module, reload then it’s back on track !

same happened to me today, any detailed procedures to resolve this please ? Thanks !

Go to module admin and update the freePBX-ha module. This will resolve it. No need to uninstall or reinstall sysadmin.