System Admin Module > Upgrades from GUI Fail

I previously posted about an issue upgrading the System Administration module from the GUI. The first time I upgraded after installing FreePBX 16, the System Administration module failed to upgrade from the GUI. To resolve the issue, I needed to upgrade it from the console, forcing it to the correct version. Unfortunately, this problem has persisted, and I have had to do this for each version upgrade of the module since then. For instance, I just attempted an upgrade from the GUI and it failed, but “fwconsole ma downloadinstall sysadmin --tag” from the console seems to have worked fine.

Where should I look to figure out why the upgrades from the GUI keep failing?

I would probably open a ticket with

This is a closed source module so only they can fix it. For best results make sure you provide steps to reproduce the issue. Perhaps a fwconsole ma list before and after.

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