System Admin module upgrade stuck

FreePBX 15 here…

This morning I went to upgrade System Admin module 15.0.25 to but it gets stuck at

Installing sysadmin
Updating tables sysadmin_options,sysadmin_updatelog,
Sangoma Pnp Server Activated

If I close out, then the GUI displays “…needs apache service to restart to work properly” If I click restart, nothing happens. I also restarted Apache on the CLI.

The Apply Config button shows and when I apply it, nothing happens. The sysadmin module remains disabled and keeps telling me it needs upgraded.

What should I do?

Try upgrading from the command line:

fwconsole ma downloadinstall sysadmin --force
fwconsole chown

edit - I have reproduced this issue. Upgrading to current via the GUI will fail, but upgrading via command line works. Engineering is investigating now, but until a new version is published, the above commands will resolve. Pinning topic for a few days to ensure the word gets out.

edit - System Admin has been demoted to edge again

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That worked! Thanks!

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