System Admin module update resets RTP range to default?

I’m digging through my logs, and I just wanted to see if I’m understanding correctly:
Last Friday, the System Admin module did an automatic upgrade. It’s difficult to divine from looking at the logfiles, but here is the most recent update log:

2015-10-16 05:22:16: (5.211.65-12) Upgrade process successfully completed!
2015-10-23 05:22:13: () Update sequence initialized
2015-10-23 05:22:14: (5.211.65-12) Upgrade process successfully completed!
2015-10-30 05:22:05: () Update sequence initialized
2015-10-30 05:22:05: (5.211.65-12) Requesting updates
2015-10-30 05:22:06: (5.211.65-12) Processing update
2015-10-30 05:22:06: (6.12.65-31) Starting stage 1
2015-10-30 05:25:41: (6.12.65-31) Stage 1 complete
2015-10-30 05:25:41: (6.12.65-31) Starting stage 2
2015-10-30 05:26:12: (6.12.65-31) Stage 2 complete
2015-10-30 05:26:12: (6.12.65-31) Starting stage 3
2015-10-30 05:26:12: (6.12.65-31) Stage 3 complete
2015-10-30 05:26:12: (6.12.65-31) Starting stage 4
2015-10-30 05:26:18: (6.12.65-31) Stage 4 complete
2015-10-30 05:26:18: (6.12.65-31) Starting stage 5
2015-10-30 05:26:19: (6.12.65-31) Stage 5 complete
2015-10-30 05:26:19: (6.12.65-31) Starting stage 6
2015-10-30 05:26:19: (6.12.65-31) Stage 6 complete
2015-10-30 05:26:19: (6.12.65-31) Upgrade script complete
2015-10-30 05:26:19: (5.211.65-12) Upgrade process successfully completed!

I’m not sure, but I believe that logfile is telling me that it upgraded from 5.211.65-12 to 6.12.65-31. (Although I thought it had already been upgraded to 6.x some time ago.)

Anyhow, the crux of the matter is that during this upgrade, my RTP port range apparently switched from its former, customized range of 12000-12199, back to the default of 10000 - 20000. As my firewall is only configured to forward the former range of UDP ports, chaos ensued. To add comedy to tragedy, last Friday was one of the rare occasions where they let me out of the office, and I wasn’t able to fix it all day.

My questions are as follows:

  • Should the values for the RTP port range be protected from being overwritten by system upgrades? I believe this has happened once or twice in the past, and obviously, it has the tendency to cause remote end-users to get no audio. History has shown me that they don’t like this. :grin:
  • If it is normal for this value to be overwritten, would I be correct in adding the lines below to the rtp_custom.conf file?
  • Would adding those lines to rtp_custom.conf cause conflicting issues with the values in the GUI?

Obviously, I would prefer to do everything in the GUI, but if audio stops working, and especially if I’m out of the office (as was the case last Friday) then management tends to get justifiably upset.

Thanks in advance for any help that you can offer!

Dont do this. Migrating from 2.11 to 12 can sometimes cause issues with RTP port ranges but only that one time. You’ll be fine from now on.

Perfect. Exactly what I was looking for.

Thank you for your quick answer Andrew, and have a great week!