System Admin Module missing provisioning protocol

PBX Firmware: 12.7.5-1902-2.sng7
System Admin: 14.0.31

On this new install I am all patched up and getting set up for deployment and the provisioning protocol is missing from the system admin sub menu. I have checked what I can see as the only difference is the pbx firmware on my last system is 12.7.5-1902-1.sng7 and it is working. I am trying to enable TFTP, and I don’t know how to manually enable it. Please help or comment, and if I am missing any key info just ask please.

This is a feature of System Admin Pro, without which means you would have to manually enable tftp.

ok I see that in the wiki, so is sysadmin pro registered to me or to the system?

And is there a link on how to manually enable the tftp?

All commercial modules are tied to a Sangoma account. In that account you can assign the license to a specific deployment ID.

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