System Admin issues after upgrade


I just upgraded from 6-12-65-32 to 10.13.66-1 (Freepbx 13). I’m noticing a problem with some of the System Admin links. Network Settings has Loading… in the Network Interface and it appears stuck. Time Zone, was America/Vancouver however it is also stuck on Loading… with Server time: Not received. All the other menu options (Support, Storage, HTTPS Setup, etc.) all seem to load correctly. The Internet is working fine and timezone is correct, so it’s not a big problem, I just like it to work.

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This is a javascript error. Please show us the browser console log


Please try to clear your browser cache to see if it makes any difference…

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Thanks Nick that worked. I had reloaded a few times but never on the actual page for “Network Settings” or “Time Zone”. Next time I’ll clear the cache.

You are welcome!

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