System Admin - Intrusion Detection - Status: config error?

I am working on implementing a new installation and trying to configure Intrusion Detection, but showing Status: config error.

I have updated all modules. In System Admin screen, does not show me PBX Firmware or Service Pack. Under Asterisk Info it shows: Asterisk (Ver. 10.12.2). Module Admin shows FreePBX

Any thoughts or anything I should look for to help fix?


What distro are you using for your install. The intrusion detection only works on FreePBX Distro.

This is setup on a hosted virtual server, so it was manually installed from Command Line.

Is there any way to get Intrusion Detection to work properly, or is every virtual server at risk forever?

Not sure as that module is designed and tested on the FreePBX Distro only

If you are “Rolling Your Own” then maybe

The recipe in my last post will get you up and running with fail2ban if you do not use the sysadmin module for any reason.