System Admin: HTTPS Setup issue

Hi, community!
I have two FreePBX Distro installations. Then i trying to login to new instance via https i have got this error sec_error_reused_issuer_and_serial. Mozilla Firefox wan’t get me access via https.

[Certificate contains the same serial number as another certificate][1]

How can i avoid this problem using System Admin module? @xrobau

Can you open a bug report on this.

Done it.

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Well. That is an extremely good point. Two machines will both create the same serial number, and that will trip up a (perfectly valid) check like that.

I’ll take that ticket and have a think.

Edit: After having a think, it appears that firefox checks the CN of the ca, and serial number. I’m going to publish a new Sysadmin shortly (after I do regression tests) that changes the CN from “FreePBX Local CA (Self-Signed)” to “FreePBX Self-Signed CA ($uuid)”. This shouldn’t cause any issues, but I’ve said that before and then broken a bunch of stuff.

This does mean that you’ll need to blow away your existing CA and configuration and let it generate a new one, on one of those machines. I’ll post some steps on how to do that when I’ve confirmed it’s fixed the problem.

Edit: New CN example is as below

Edit: Sysadmin 12.0.34 and 13.0.12 have this fix